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Get involved with BRING’s new 'Toolbox Tactics'

Imagine the frustration of staring at a leaky faucet, a broken light switch, a hole in the wall, or a wobbly table, and feeling utterly clueless about how to fix it. Or what about having a creative vision for a functional design update and feeling insecure about where to start?

For most of us, these feelings are not uncommon.

Many homeowners and renters haven't had the chance to learn home improvement and repair skills in their lifetimes. Even with plenty of online instructional videos and resources, there's still nothing quite like hands-on training and practice before tackling the task.

BRING is addressing these challenges by introducing Toolbox Tactics, a new program slated to launch this summer designed to build practical skills, confidence, and a deeper connection to your dwelling. BRING hopes to change the way people approach do-it-yourself and repair projects around the house. Toolbox Tactics classes will cover each of the basics, including electrical, plumbing, reusing and refurbishing materials, carpentry, flooring, lighting, patching and painting, and more.

Toolbox Tactics’ development started in December when BRING sent out a survey to social media followers to gauge program interest. Out of nearly 250 responses, the overwhelming majority indicated they are “Very Interested,” and identified as being at either a beginner or intermediate skill level. There is a clear need for our program in the community.

Of course, it wouldn't be a BRING program unless it emphasized the importance of incorporating reusable materials into each project! Just a little bit of knowledge and planning goes a long way. By learning how to repurpose materials, students will not only save money but also do their part to reduce waste locally, which benefits all of us. Learn more at


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